Rev. Ginger Watson 

Rev. Ginger Watson 

Rev. Ginger Watson

Where do you currently preach?
At Genesis UMC (Fort Worth, TX), I preach alternate Sundays in our traditional 8:15 worship, and most every Sunday at 10:30 in Fusion, our contemporary service.

Can you share the links to a couple of your sermons?
InVolve - Sermon from a series about being fully committed and involved in God's work

Unbinding - Sermon based on Unbinding Your Heart and invites us to faith share. 

What is one sermon you preach?
I am forever preaching God's inclusive love for all people, regardless of race, religion or any other issue that separates us. 

What is another sermon you preach?
I preach the awesome and wonder of God's creation, and how we should take care of it.

What is another sermon you preach?
Some version of "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." 

What is the oddest experience you have had while preaching?
Nothing too odd. There are things that happen that throw me way off - people walking out in a huff, a particular youth who loudly hiccups through worship, and folks obviously sleeping. I've had media glitches that force me to think fast on my feet. (It's really tough when the centerpiece of the sermon is a fabulous video, but the MediaShout isn't working!) 

Who are preachers that you listen to?
I do more reading than listening these days, and some of the "preaching" isn't traditionally preaching at all. I love Nadia Bolz-Weber, Steve Wiens (The Actual Pastor), Barbara Brown Taylor, Anne Lamott, Glennon Doyle Melton (Momastery), Jen Hatmaker and Jay Smooth

Why I think you should listen to Rev. Watson:

When you listen or read Ginger Watson's sermons you know right away that she is one who struggles with you. She is wrestling with complicated issues - racism, gun violence, inclusivity, animal rights, human rights, environmentalism - and you can tell that she desires to do what God calls her to do. Her prophetic voice is one that is accessible because, like you, she too is unsure sometimes how to act or what to do in complex issues. Before you think that she is an angry preacher, know that she also is a deeply caring person. Ginger is convinced that every person matters and that every person has value. I have had the privilege of being challenged and moved by Ginger's preaching on issues of homelessness and poverty and I am thankful for her courage to be an instrument of God.