Uniting Methodists


Not long ago, a group of United Methodist leaders announced a movement called "Uniting Methodists." For those of you keeping score, yes, there are a number of caucuses, associations, networks, and movements within the UMC.

The Uniting Methodists have planned a gathering in November in Atlanta, Georgia. I plan to attend. 

You may think to yourself, "Why are you writing this on your blog? Why do I care if you go to some conference in November?" All good questions, but the only reason I share about the Uniting Methodists is that I have spoken with a number of people in my own ministry area who have not even heard of this new movement. So I share so that others may hear about it. 

I also share that I will be present in November so that if any readers of this blog are present, I would love to meet you and thank you for supporting this little blog and I want to hear what God is doing in and through your life.