Want to help the church? Good preaching must end.

A while ago, Brain Pickings had a wonderful article entitled Good Writing vs. Talented Writing.

And it is amazing. Read it. And after you read it you will begin to see why good preaching is actually hurting the church. To use the language of the article, we need talented preaching.

a good preacher

a good preacher

The thing about good preaching is that it is safe, predictable and thus "good" to hear. A lot of good preaching is manipulation but with a "Jesus shine". It is focused on morals or on the very practical things you can/should do in the week. Good preaching is clear, simple logical and easy to follow.

Good preaching also gives you clues when you can check out of listening and also clues when you can check back in so you can still get the "gist" of the sermon. If the sermon has three points or an alliterative device that gives you something to "remember" it is possible that you are listening to good preaching. 

That does not always mean it is talented preaching. 

The quote below is my favorite from the article above, but altered to reflect preaching rather than writing:

The talented (preacher) often uses specifics and avoids generalities — generalities that his or her specifics suggest. Because they are suggested, rather than stated, they may register with the (hearer) far more forcefully than if they were articulated. Using specifics to imply generalities...is dramatic (preaching). 

The problem with the preaching style of "tell them what you are going to tell them; tell them; tell them what you have told them", is that it is clear, controlled and logical. It is not talented.