Nine Years of Be The Change

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Today is nine years anniversary of the existence of this blog. I thank you for taking any time you have over the years to read these posts. Over the next several posts, I wanted to introduce readers of this blog to other pastors in the Central Texas Conference who are blogging. So look forward to a few guest posts this next week and beyond. 

Thank you all for making this platform to share ideas. Thank you for your generosity and your questions and emails and comments. Thank you for your push back, I know that iron sharpens iron. But most of all, thank you for being the change. 


Nine months before graduating from Brite Divinity School and a few years before ordination, this little blog began. What began as a series of random thoughts with an audience size of one a month now is a series of random thoughts with an audience size of about 700 a month. 

You readers are the largest congregation that I will ever have the privilege of engaging on a regular basis. Thank you for subscribing, reading, commenting and sharing with others. 

If this blog were a person, this is what the development would be. Which other than the math portion, this is just about right.

With this milestone, I will be taking a week sabbath from writing.