Stop saying Christ has risen

Here we are in the Easter season and we are confronted with a small matter of language that has a larger implication toward our understanding of the resurrection. 

The traditional Easter greeting is one person says, "Christ is Risen" and the other says "He is risen indeed!" However, sometimes we slip into our language and it comes out "Christ has risen". This is where a little slip has a larger implication. 

To say that Christ is risen is to say that the event is not limited to history but an ongoing reality. It is not to deny the historical implications, but it does imply that Christ "is" and not just "has".

To say that Christ "has risen" is to imply, even if not intended, that we understand resurrection as a past event that we memorialize and celebrate but do not embrace its current impact. The same theological thought goes into funerals. Christian funerals are not limited to memorializing the dead, but celebrating the life and resurrection. 

So least we forget that resurrection IS the reality we live with, stop saying "Christ has risen" it just is not the whole Truth.