Why these are the best cookies in the world

I have a grand-father-in-law who makes these cookies. They are chocolate chip cookies. They are made with Crisco. They are delicious. 

They are, by all accounts, the best cookies in the world. 

Seriously. I am sure you have a cookie recipe that is great. I am sure that you think your grandma's cookies the best you have eaten. 

You my friend are a good person, but you are also wrong. 

These cookies made by Fred Wolf are the best. 

The reason they are the best is not so much the taste or the memories that are wrapped up in them. They are the best because they each have five chocolate chips in them. They are each 3.25 inches in diameter and the bottoms of them have a slight saltiness that is countered by the upper crust's sweetness. 

They are all uniform and made by hand. Fred miraculously rolls each cookie to the right size (based upon the feel). He adds the chips by hand to each ball. He puts only so many on the pan and he cooks them to perfection each and every time. 

They are the best because they are made with the greatest intention and care. Each cookie is thought about and considered. Each one matters to Fred because he wants to ensure each bite is the best bite you have eaten. 

Call it baking if you would like, but I call it a spiritual discipline. 

There are great cookies out there, but few are made because it is a spiritual discipline. 

These are the best cookies in the world for the same reason this is the best beer in the world