Pictonary, Theology and You - Contribute today

So I ran across this bit of art which the artist takes complex philosophical theories and displays them in basic shapes. Yes, it is very cool.

So I was wondering if the readers of this little blog were just as talented. So I am trying an experiment. 

Below is an open Google Doc which anyone can change and add to. It is a basic drawing pad which gives access to basic shapes. Can you take a theological idea and put it into a shape? Just click on the link and see if you can add to it. (Note it takes about 15 seconds for the changes to sync to this blog)

I attempted "Resurrection". Meh.

Also you will see I attempted to take the symbol for infinity and put a face on it - Incarnation?

 Bets are on that you can do better. I will leave this up for a few days to let the ideas stew.