Church is a there to meet my needs. Right?

It is a common way to understand the church as a place where someone goes to have their needs met. This is in part why we look for a church that has a good children's area, biblical preaching/teaching, solid small groups that are not full of crazy people.

And so churches work to ensure that we are meeting people's needs. And we want to ensure people's needs are met because that is what we are supposed to do. Right?

Well, if the church is under the impression that we are to meet people's needs, then yes, we should work to meet people's needs. However, this not only creates environments where churches do not know what they are called to do but it also creates environments where churches will do everything for the sake of someone's needs.

Rather than meeting people's needs, shouldn't a church be in the position to change people's needs?

The church that is under the impression to change people's needs will have a much different way to do ministry. This church will be a place where people are changed, not just satisfied. This church might be smaller and less "full" in the pew on Sunday. This church might also be the most nimble and life changing place in the community.

So let me ask you, is your church set up to meet your needs or change them?