The loudest voice in Christianity

Frankly I am fatigued in hearing my fellow Christians bemoan what might be considered the loud voices in Christianity. Be it the fool in Florida who offends Islam (and all religions) every six months or the misguided church that protests funerals of soldiers or the mega-church pastors where the stadium is packed every Sunday. Maybe you are feel the "religious right" or the "liberal media" "attacking" religion voice is among the loudest voices within religious conversation.

Contrary to popular belief,

not one of these is the loudest voice in Christianity


The loudest voice in Christianity is the collective whispers that are spoken under the breath of Christians around the world. 

The whisper of prayer at a bedside.

The whisper of forgiveness one gives to another.

The whisper of grief in tragedy.

The whisper of disbelief at those who use religion to deface Love, God and all that is declared good.

So let us all agree to stop complaining that one group or church or person has the loud voices that are "speaking for Christianity". The whisper is the loudest voice in all of Christianity.

The loudest voice in the world has always been the