No one likes being asked for money, until they are no longer asked.

Few of us like to be asked for money.

Most of us do not like phone solicitors or door to door salespeople. Used car dealers, mechanics, technicians tend to give people a bad taste in their mouth because there is a feeling that these professions are only for those who like to swindle others out of money.  

Our nation’s greatest pastime is is not baseball but debating how much money the government should be requesting in taxes.

Few of us liked to be asked for money.

We face an economy that is recovering at a pace that tries our nation’s patience. We have heard of churches and nonprofits who ask for money only to later to be discovered that the money goes to line the pockets of the organizational leaders.

We are bombarded with letters in the mail to support this group, send money to this cause, contribute to the alumni association, or sponsor someone who is racing to cure a disease. We are “hit up” for our change by the bearded homeless with styrofoam cups to the bearded santa with a red kettles; to feed the starving in the developing world to the malnourished in our own community.

Few of us liked to be asked for money.

I want to tell you a story about a woman who was fed up with these groups and people asking her for money. She was tired of feeling guilty for not giving to one organization while she gave to another. She was tired of constantly being asked for money, because we all know, few of us liked to be asked for money.

She decided that she was not going to to give to anything. Not a dime to a march, not a dollar for a disease. She was not going to even pay her taxes and she would refuse to give money to a homeless person. She decided that she would cut off all her contributions because she was sick to the core about hearing how some people took advantage of a system and took advantage of the charity that was given.

She was tired of freeloaders and she was going to become a loner to society. She would spend her money on only that which she needed or wanted. She was going to fend for herself his this world. She did not give help and she would not ask for help. She was going to be a self made person.

And life was good. After a few months of being a loner, no one bothered her for money. No more phone calls, no more mailings. She would walk down the street to her work and the homeless would see her coming and look her by. The organizations she supported in the past no longer contacted her. She was free. Free from guilt and anxiety. Free from taxes and anyone asking her for help.

She was a loner. Really, she was just alone.

No one came by. No one sought her help or advice. No one thought of her when she was sick or even when she had a joy to share. No one knocked on her door for sugar or asked her to pick up their mail watch their pet. Yes, she was a loner alright. She was utterly alone.