Knocking down LEGO is for kids not adults

My four year old son loves to build structures out of LEGO for the primary reason to knock it down upon completion. Countless LEGO buildings have been destroyed by everything from a four year old giant to a Dromaeosauraus.

When I ask Jude if he wants to build something else after the great destruction, he generally says no. The joy Jude feels with LEGO is rooted all in the destruction. But Jude is four and four year old boys are supposed to have joy in destroying LEGO and one day four year old boys grow up.

But some of us don't grow up. Some of us still get the greatest joy out of destruction.

There is no problem wanting to deconstruct things in this world. Deconstructionism is essential to critical thinking and self awareness and the development of values. Many people have made a living on deconstructing different things in this world. Pollock deconstructed painting. Neo-atheism deconstructed religion.

But, like my son, at some point deconstruction is not enough. We have to grow up. We have to be able to build up something after we have deconstructed it. Otherwise we become so cynical that there is nothing in this world that is worth putting trust into.

Deconstruction is critical for your formation, but it is not enough to just be break things into pieces.

That is for kids.