Why we need to interrupt people

Not long ago I shared about an experience of seeing friends say goodbye. In previous years I would have seen this ritual happen in the distance and never thought to interrupt them to ask them about their ritual. 
There are a number of excuses that could be conjured up from it is too personal to ask or they do not want to be bothered or there is no time to interrupt them. However, it is clear that interrupting people's lives creates a wonderful opportunity to build a relationship or at least build up another person.

When we interrupt people not only are we opening the door for conversation, but when we interrupt another person we have an opportunity to ask them about something they know and have them share. It has been my experience that people love to talk about themselves and love to tell others what they know. When we interrupt people and ask them about their lives we give others a chance to do what we love to do.

Giving people a chance to share who they are and what they know is a great reason to interrupt people's lives.

Try it next time. Interrupt your server and ask their name. Interrupt the table next to you and ask them how their food was because it looked interesting. Interrupt the person at the deli what cut of meat they like and purchase that cut after their suggestion. Interrupt someone and see where it takes you.