Cannot see God's face

It was shared with me during seminary that one interpretation of why we cannot look at the face of God is because in God's face is reflected all the emotion of the world. So to look at the face of God is to see not only all the joy and happiness in the world but also every sorrow and pain. And if we were to see all of that at one time we would be dead on the spot.

This is what makes God divine. One would have to be divine in order to handle all of that not only for one moment but for all of time.

I find it hard enough to look into the eyes (I mean really look into the eyes) of another person. When we look into each other's eyes for a long time we can see all of their joy, sorrow, happiness and pain. Sometimes it is too much to handle all of that with just one person, I cannot imagine looking into the collective eyes of humanity.

Turns out this was something that was already touched on.