The Word of God

Christian spirituality is built on the Word. From creation to incarnation, the Word is the bedrock of our experience with the Divine throughout time. As such it should be no surprise that the Christian life is interested in language. Ironically, the faith tradition that places so much emphasis on the power of the Word, is the same faith tradition that is the victim of Western values and slowly is becoming a tradition of words. 

The Word of God is often misunderstood as the words on a page or the words out of the mouth of a teacher. The Word of God is not confined to the physical or the spiritual realms, but rather embraces and also transcends them. The Word of God is that which creates the world and life and love. It is the very breath we take and the very wisdom of the mouths of babes. It is that which binds existence together. And no book can contain the fullness of the Word of God.