Eating ourselves into immaturity?

Corn, wheat and soy are the top three crops subsidized in the United States. While there is an ongoing debate about the intended and the unintended consequences of subsidizing these crops something struck me the other day while listening to this Freakonomics Podcast about food.

From minute 10 to minute 11 you hear the following lines:

Food is much more for children, and children, I am sorry to say, do not have great taste in food. They like soft they like sweet they like Wonder Bread. So American food become food for children.

It got me thinking. If we are what we eat and our food is heavily dependent upon the things kids like (corn, wheat, and soy) then are we literally creating a negative feedback loop where even the very food we are producing is jeopardizing the maturation process of Americans?

All around there is a vast void of maturity in our culture. We live in the time of road rage, an unwillingness to compromise and botox. Are these just not adult expressions of temper tantrums of babies, selfish behavior of toddlers and mirror obsession of teens?

If the "medium is the message", then what message are we telling our bodies when we feed it food that immature children would choose?