Breathing breaks

I learned in physic class that when we throw a ball straight into the air, it will stop at the peak of the throw before it comes back down. It is a simple thing, but at the time I learned it I was astonished for some reason.

I have noticed the suspension of movement when I breathe.

When I am taking deep breaths, between the inhale and exhale there is a moment in which air is not moving in or out of my lungs. My breath, like the ball at the apex, is suspended.

There is something about this for me. Not only is breathing a critical part to life, but also being still is vital.

Ever tried to breath like a dog or take many breaths without a short pause between breaths? If you are like me, then you are getting dizzy every time. It is that space between the breath that so much takes place. It is in the stillness that life continues to happen.

And so, listen to your breathing not just on the inhale or exhale, but even on the rests.