Where do you start?

Much of Christianity is rooted in the idea that is traced back to the "fall". The problem with the world is that people are sinners and we all need to be forgiven. So much of the teaching and preaching is a out forgiveness and getting others to be saved and reconciled with god. This results in generally viewing people as a problem that needs to be healed or fixed. We use words like people are primarily sinner and fallen. This understanding of the christian faith is biblical, but it is not the beginning of our story. Is it ever fair to assess things when you see them in the middle of the story? What would it look like to only know the story of Peter Parker only as spiderman and not as the awkward teenager who is dealing with identity and maturation? Knowing Peter Parker only as spiderman is not fair to the character of Peter Parker because you are not getting the whole story or even the start of the story. Likewise, to call human beings as primarily fallen and broken creators who need to be forgiven and reconciled is to not take seriously the beginning of the human story. The human story, from the Christian narrative begins not at genesis 3 but at genesis 1. Before we are fallen, we are called very good. Before we are broken, we are completely whole. Before we are insecure, we are comfortable in our own skin. Before we need reconciliation, we are in relationship. Before we are sinner, we a blessed saints. When we start at the beginning of our human story our posture changes. We see people as blessed and very good. We are not trying to save people but call people to live into their creative nature. We are do not focus on people's failing but on their potential and greatness. We are creating saints and not redeeming sinners. Where you begin, shapes the story you tell. Where you being shapes what story you tell. Where do you start the biblial story?