Medium is the message - Real life

She and I disagree on a number of theological ideas.  She might identify more Calvinist and Modern while I might identify with Arminius and Post-modern.  We differ on our atonement theories and our understandings of most things ranging from, I would suspect, sexual orientation to political engagement.

It is often the case that to encountered someone from the "other tribe" is to find in them an enemy, but the fact of the matter is I have nothing but respect for her.

She is devoted to her local church.  She volunteers when able.  She leads a weekly Bible study in which she is the lead teacher for hundreds of women.  She has devoted her life and time living into her understanding of the Christian life.  I wish that my local Church had more people like her.

Some of my fellow UMC clergy around the conference would find this next statement shocking, but while she and I disagree on a number of political, theological and social issues, I would allow her to teach in a Church I serve.


The medium, that is to say her life, is a message that is deeply loving and caring and hope-filled.  Her life is a message that is powerful and ought to be shared.

This is where the idea of the medium is the message matters in the Church.

You could have your "theological message" in line with me or even the UMC, but if your life, if you as a the medium for that message, is not Gospel, know that I would take someone who I disagree with in message content but agree with in medium any day.