Fort Worth Dish Out

Last night I participated in the 3rd Fort Worth Dish Out (facebook group). It was at 809 at Vickery and was themed around homelessness issues.  

There were three presenters:
Street Swags
The Net
Restorative Justice 

We had the feeling that only 75 people were going to attend and I was feeling a bit low on that as I think I could have done a better job at increasing our odds of hitting our average. The thing was though, there were over 100 people there last night and I am totally blown away by the response.

It is a prayer that while the Church does not need to do more Dish Outs we do need to learn to trust a bit more. Last night I was not doing well at trusting the idea of Fort Worth Dish Out and believed that the success and failure of such an idea is predicated on me.

That was just way wrong. 

The FwDo has an amazingly wonderful leadership team and one that truly can take this thing and make it their own. 

They embodied a trust in the idea of FwDo that I failed to embody. In more ways than I can count, this leadership team is well equipped to run with the FwDo.

If only I could get out of their way...

Thank you all who work so hard to make the Fort Worth Dish Out a success. Especially the design team of Jenny, Robin, Red and Van.