"A veneer of sincerity"

The following conversation snip-it came out of a much larger conversation I had with a very interesting fella who trains professional baseball players here in Fort Worth:

 "Fort Worth seems to have a veneer of sincerity." he said as I took a sip of my coffee.

"Really, in what way?" I responded as the cup landed on the saucer a bit harder than normally expected.

A smile came across his face.  "Fort Worth is a place where I have gotten the sense that someone will look me in the eye, tell me that they are glad that I am here and even listen to my opinions, all while thinking, 'Bless your heart! You are a total dumb ass and you are probably going to hell.'  The sincerity is just a veneer to reality."


I could not help but think about his comments and the Church.

It is said of many worshiping communities that they are friendly but not hospitable.  The Bara Group has put out a couple of books that talk about the Church and young adults.

I wonder if the friendliness in the church is any different from the veneer of sincerity that has been this guy's experience of Fort Worth?

What can Christianity do to ensure that we are building disciples that are more like:
this and less like this?