Top Ten Googled words

Google released their top search words for 2011.  Here are the top ten:

10- iPad 2 (if you are 37+ years old and reading this blog, you have a 64% chance of having one)
9- Steve Jobs (genius)
8- TEPCO (Japan reactor that melted down)
7- Adele (musician)
6- iPhone 5 (have you heard of this phone that Apple has?)
5- Battlefield 3 (video game)
4- Casey Anthony (Florida mother accused of murdering her child)
3- Ryan Dunn (From Jackass who died in a car crash of all things)
2- Google+ (mostly searching for invites or digital migration steps from facebook or "is this another social network I have to learn? Crap."

And of course the number one most Googled term of 2011 as released by Google - 

1- Rebecca Black (had a viral hit video called "Friday") 

I am sure you can catch the irony of people using Google to discover information about Apple (a competitor of Google).

50% of this list are people.  For some reason this made me think of this line credited to Eleanor Roosevelt, "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."