Occupy Fort Worth (Dish Out)

You may already be registered for the upcoming Fort Worth Dish Out, and if so great!  And if not, then what is the hold up!

In case you are not aware of what Fort Worth Dish Out is a meal based micro-granting event for local non-profits.

Everyone in attendance buys a ticket ($20 each) and shares in meal, shares in fellowship with the Fort Worth community, hears 3 non-profits in the area, and votes on the non-profit they would like to support.  The winner of the vote gets 60% of the funds collected that night while the other two non-profits each get 20% of the funds.

Based upon the number of people who attend, these non-profits get more funds and exposure!

So this means that if you are looking for a great night of fun as well as making a social impact on Sunday October 23, @ 5:30pm - you ought to be at Fort Worth Dish Out.

You can register here.