How Many Slaves Work for You?

This is another little survey to discover a bit more about the human slavery issue around the world.  We might think that since slavery is illegal in the US then Americans must be "slavery free."

Take this little survey (it is easy to do but you can take a long time on this if you want to get more specific/accurate).

My first run at this test shared that I had 25 slaves working for me.  :(

As soon as I saw that I instantly thought, "Now wait just a minute.  I should go back and modify some of my responses and try to rationalize away some things.  For instance this does not take into account that I am actually answering for a family of three people. So I should/could split this number into three and that is much more accurate..."

This sort of rationalizing when on and on in my mind for a while until I realized just how crazy it is to think that I would feel better to have 8 slaves than 25 slaves.

One slave is one slave too many.