What theologian influenced you?

"If we return evil with evil then all we will ever have is evil."

While not original, this little line came via a Lutheran sermon I listened to on Sunday in Colorado. It is good to hear the non-violent Jesus being preached in all areas of the Church.

I asked the minister after worship if he was aware of Rene Girard because the sermon was very much in line with Girardian thought.

The minister said no.

I asked him what theologian influenced his sermon this morning. To which the minister looked blankly at me and stated with the a bit of surprised tone in his voice, "Jesus."

I felt kind of stupid.

All of this to say that I continue to hope and pray that the Church can join this Lutheran minister and rediscover the message of Jesus in order to help save Christianity from being a naive hallmark card that is mostly concerned about the afterlife.