Preaching may not be proclaiming and proclaiming may not be preaching

There is that oft cited line in the Church, "Preach the Gospel always, and if necessary, use words."  This little line gets at the heart of the matter that the act of speaking to a congregation is not the only way to "preach the Gospel."  This is a bit of a no brainer for those who have been taught that actions speak louder than words.  Just because you you are not preaching does not mean you are not proclaiming the Gospel.  

This quote, however, sometimes is not considered in the inverse - just because you are preaching does not mean you are proclaiming.  Regardless of the quality of the sermon or the celebrity of the preacher, not all sermons preached are proclaiming the Gospel.  

America seems to have a lot of preachers (Osteen, Oprah, Jakes, Bell, Moore, Piper, Copeland, Hinn, Meyer, Hagee, Crouch, Dollar, Bynum, White, Warren, Willimon, etc.).  Some preachers are just crazy, and some are just funny

I wonder how many "proclaimers"  of the Gospel are there?