Do we all have a variation of Anton-Babinski syndrome

One of the perceptions non-Christians have of Christians, according to the book unChristian is that Christians are judgmental.  This judgmentalism is most often seen when we Christians go around the world proclaiming that we have a monopoly on Truth.  We beat people over the head with our agenda and even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we stick to our guns.  Take for instance the oft-sited debate of creationism and evolution.  Some of us Christians stick to some variation/combination of the two creation stories in Genesis and at the same time some of us evolutionists are just as convinced to the contrary. 

We Christians ought to be able to see something here.  Both the religious and the non-religious are being equally stubborn in their views and neither side embodies humility.  Each side is busy trying to outshout the other side with their "proof" all the while unwilling (or unable) to concede anything.  

It is difficult to admit a concession to an argument if we are "convinced" that we are "right".  Just like it is difficult to accept that you are actually blind when in fact you think you can see.  

This is an actual medical condition called Anton-Babinski syndrome.  

In case you did not follow the link, Anton-Babinski syndrome is a condition in which "People who suffer from it are "cortically blind", but affirm, often quite adamantly and in the face of clear evidence of their blindness, that they are capable of seeing."

While that condition is difficult for me to even consider, I would submit that perhaps all of us have some sort of version of Anton-Babinski syndrome of our thoughts.  

We think we are correct in our views and affirm, "often quite adamantly and in the face of clear evidence" to the contrary, that we are correct and others are wrong.

There is a reason Christianity begins with repentance (see Matthew 3 for more information on this).  When we repent we confess that we may not have been walking in the correct ways.  We embody humility and concede we are wrong.

Even Jesus admitted he was wrong.  Even Jesus had a little bit of Anton-Babinski syndrome when he initially refused to see his purpose to the non-Jew.