Is thinking enough?

Most of the time when you teach or preach in a church there are those wonderful people who always complement you.  "Good sermon today." "I liked what you had to say." "Great job, I love the energy."  These are common and while more than likely truthful, they are also most of the time benign.

That is to say these comments, while encouraging, are also very safe complements and comments.  There is little risk on behalf of the complementer while the target of the complementer is sometimes left wondering, "what do they really feel/think?"  This is why groups who give feedback are always asked to be specific with feedback so that others can use the feedback to become better.

There is a common, regular and specific bit of feedback that I get when I teach or preach, which you can agree or disagree with but it sounds like this; "You make me think."

While everyone thinks as a result of a speech or a teaching session, I used to wonder what people are thinking about.  Did I say something offensive (sometimes)?  Was I misinformed in my thesis (sometimes)?  Did I cut someone off (sometimes)?  However, now I have moved beyond wondering what people are thinking and I want to know if thinking is enough?

Is it enough to get people to think about things?  Is it enough to invite people to call into question somethings they once thought were sacred?  Is it enough to engage people's brains and intellect?

Or is there more to being a Christian than getting people to think?

I cannot recall many people throughout time who were persuaded to change their life as a result of logical arguments.  Jesus engaged the powers that be with great logic only to see very few of them be persuaded.

Is it enough to get people to think?

Seth Godin has this little line which I think points to something of a response to the question:

"People are moved by stories and drama and hints and clues and discovery.  Logic is a battering ram, one that might work if your case is overwhelming. Wal-Mart won by logic (cheap!), but you probably won't."

It is good to get people to think about their spirituality, but that really is not enough.  It is good to get people to think about what they believe, but it is not enough.  The Church can be a place where we can get people thinking.  

It is good to get people to think, but getting them to act is a whole other skill set.