14 Things Older Leaders Should Know About Younger Leaders part 3

I did not write this, but I want to share it with not only the older leaders of the Church but also for the younger leaders of the church.  Also for anyone who has ever entered into Church.
I am going to pull a few of the points from the original post and add some comments.

13. Inspire us- cast vision for us. Motivate us through painting a picture of where we are headed. Lead us. But don’t manage us. Managing to you means something completely different than it does to us. You were schooled on the management theories of the '80s. Major generation gap here. And a source of lots of tension that is difficult to manage. Connect us too. we are drawn towards community and relational networks through which we can make an impact and affect change. Community is incredibly important to us, in any context. We want to climb the hill together, not by ourselves.

We live in a culture that truly thinks that it can change the world.  Just look at how often that phrase has become more popular in the books published.  We have tools at our disposal, but what we do not always have is inspiration and leadership.  This is where older and wiser generations come in.  
In case you are unsure what we mean by lead us - here is a classic definition.

14. Kick us out. Release us- literally, kick us out. Not only give us permission to leave, but actually encourage us to leave and pursue other things. Once it’s time for us to move on, we might need your encouragement to pursue what God might be stirring up in us. Especially during the last couple of years, when it was much easier to just hang on than to really let go and chase after our dreams. We’re not leaving because we’re “giving up” on your vision; we just want to make ours a reality.

This axiom is nothing short from greatness.  We are a generation who grew up on feedback and as such some of the best feedback is in the form of forcing us out and into the world.  Do not allow us to sink into our pews as the world needs us to be what we should be.