What is our mole

My wife and I have radically different tastes in movies.  Most of the time we end up watching a period piece about the Tutor family in England, because that is what she likes, and I do not really care.  Every now and again, Estee will select a couple of movies she thinks that I will like and then she allows me to pick one.  It really is a great gesture and I am thankful.  The other day we use this process to "decide" to watch Robin Hood: Men in Tights.  Well, we both watch half of it and then remember how much funnier it was when we were younger.

Here is one of the scenes in the movie which I just love, and while the quality is bad, you get the point.

If you do not know, the king's mole moves around his face each scene.  It is classic.

It got me thinking about what is the mole on the church that is obvious to everyone else, but we do not have a clue about?

From a clergy position, I can give answers which I think are spot on, but I am sure that I am not even close to correct answers.  I say things like - poor theology or ineffective leaders.  But I just am not sure that is what others see as the mole in our churches.

So I ask, what is the mole of the UMC?  What do others see about the church that we do not know about?