Sarah Boyette is a church member who has gotten into blogging.  She really should write a book, but that is something she is considering and a dream of hers.

Each Tuesday Sarah is in the disciple of posting a top ten list of things she is thankful for -Thankful Tuesdays if you will.

Each week is great but this one was very interesting.  Particularly the opening paragraph which reads:

"It's Tuesday again, which means it's time to list what I'm thankful for.  What's great about doing this every week is that I start to be more concious of gratitude during the week.  I'll be in the midst of doing something and think, "Man, I have got to put this on my list!""

What is profound about this statement is that the disciple of writing each Tuesday has had an impact on the way she "sees" the world.  Each week she is on the look out or is able to see more easily the things she is thankful for.  Each week, because she is immersed in the discipline, allows her eyes to see things she otherwise would miss. 

This is an excellent example of being a follower of Christ and an example of hoe disciplines are critical to our spiritual growth.  

When we follow Christ we being to see the world differently.  However, that initial high of following Jesus fads over time without disciplines to keep us up to the pace of Christ.  This is why we pray each day, read Scripture, worship, fast, meditate, participate in social justice, feed the hungry, etc.  We do these things not only to make the world like the Kingdom of God but also to transform the way we see things.  

When we see are immersed in the spiritual disciplines our vision is affected.  We see things that connect to Jesus all the time.  We become much more comfortable in talking about our faith with others.  We become more at ease with discussing Christ and the message of Christ in social settings. 

When we are involved in these disciplines our vision is affected.  

Is it any wonder that Jesus heals many blind people in the Bible?   Jesus teaches us to see differently.  

So the invitation to non or nominally Christians is to have your vision affected and begin to see like Jesus.  If you like the way Jesus sees, if you are interested in Jesus but not the Church, if you think Jesus had some great ideas, then I extend an invitation to you to practice the disciplines Jesus practiced.  

And see how your vision is changed.