The first dates on my calendar

TCU had an social workers appreciation dinner the night of Maundy Thursday.  It is good to give thanks for the work of social workers, but I have to wonder why Texas CHRISTIAN University would schedule an event on such a sacred time of the Church year?

It could be argued that this particular dinner is always on the 3rd Sunday of April and this year it happen to be Maundy Thursday.  Fair enough, it makes sense to me.  But it also sparked a question.

Are the first dates we put on a new calendar a reflection of our priorities?

As a child my family functioned off of a family calendar that sat on the bar in our home.  When January came around, my parents would get a new calendar for the family and begin to "seed" the calendar with important dates.  Birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, graduations and (in my family) soccer and wrestling tournaments.  These dates were what we then used to "build" the rest of the year around.

Perhaps for the Christian, the dates we seed our calendar with ought not be dates about us.  Perhaps, we ought to put the calendar of the Church on our calendar before we being to consider when we are going on vacation?  Perhaps we ought to live around God, rather than making God to live around us?

So the next time you find yourself "seeding" a calendar, take notice of what dates you put down first.

They might be your priorities.