When average is fantastic

There is a little movie called "Little Big League" in which the owner of the Minnesota Twins dies and gives the ownership of the team to his grandson, Billy.

(For all you nerds out there Luke Edwards was indeed the same kid who played Jimmy in the in The Wizard, and owned they guy who owned a Power Glove in Mario 3 to win the championship)

Billy is a big fan of the Twins and has gone to every home game with his grandfather his whole life.  When he becomes the owner, Billy fires the Manager of the Twins and hires himself to be the new manager.

The hilarity ensues.

Billy turns out to be baseball wise beyond his age.  While only being about 12 years old, Billy's baseball knowledge rivals that of Tommy LaSorda.

However, before Billy was the manager of the Twins, Billy was (and still is) a fan of the Twins.  His favorite player is Jerry Johnson.  Johnson was/is Billy's idol and was at one time a powerhouse of a player for the Twins and in the League, despite Johnson's recent slump in production and quality of play.  Johnson, has not done well for a while and everyone can see it, but Billy is unwilling to accept that his idol is no longer the powerhouse of a player he once was.

One game Billy sends Johnson up to the plate with words of encouragement and adoration.  Johnson swings and connects.  He makes it to first base with ease.  Billy goes nuts and turns to his assistant coach, Lou, to say, something to the effect, "See Lou! Johnson still has it."  Lou's response, "Hey kid, when was the last time you got this excited for someone who has just hit a stand up single, while going 2 for 25 at his last at bats?"

That was the straw that broke in Billy.  He decided to let his idol go and Johnson is no longer a Twin.

I wonder if my beloved church is like Johnson?  I wonder if I am like Billy and I become excited when the UMC hits a stand up single?  I wonder if I am blind to a reality that others see, an organization that continues to strike out time and time again and is unwilling to admit it and move on?

I fear that I will grow into a preacher that is like Johnson and the congregation is like Billy.  I fear I will lose touch so much so that when I am average it is seen as fantastic.

It is my prayer that I will work to ensure that the UMC will not settle for average.  It is my prayer that I would continue to strive to bring my best and acknowledge when I no longer "connect".