We need to be considerate of other generations

There are things that happen in the life of a church in which the staff need to address.  Some of these things involve changes to the way things go or happen in the life of the church.  

Many times in these conversations I hear a voiced concern that we ought to be careful not to leave anyone out as we make changes.  If someone does not have a computer or email then we have to be careful to make sure that even those people keep getting notifications and publications by standard mail.  

I get it.  We do need to be considerate of generations. 

The problem I have with this "consideration" is that it is really care for one generation at the expense of others.

While we are slow to adopt new technologies and changes, for fear of leaving behind some in an older generation, we are also loosing the young generations who look at cumbersome changes as un-engaging and ill-relevant.  

It seems as though young generations are asked to tolerate the slow changes and status quo for the sake of others, but I do not see much reciprocation from other generations.  Not upsetting one generation becomes the expense of losing another generation.  

So yes, we do need to be considerate of ALL generations.