Ordination Questions

What is your understanding of?
1) The Kingdom of God
            Simply put, the Kingdom of God (KoG) is what the world looks like when God and no other is in charge. The KoG is that which Jesus came to proclaim as in part and yet to come. I believe we are called by the Spirit of God through Christ to help usher in the Kingdom of God by our prayers and actions. There are attributes which reign in the KoG that do not reign in our current dominant kingdom. While there are signs of Grace, Mercy, Compassion and Love right now, they do not reign dominate. Instead our pursuit of retributive justice, violence, death and greed (also called idolatry) dominate our world. The KoG can be seen when the oppressed are let free, there is a equal distribution of resources, debts are cancelled and sin is forgiven. The KoG is not built on the false binaries of the current dominant kingdom. That is to say the KoG is not constantly seeking out who is “in” or “right” or “out” or “bad”. The KoG is the remaking of the earth and the powers and the principalities into the very good creation that God intends for it to be. It is my firm belief that if the Church is not proclaiming or empowering the KoG then the Church is lost.
2) The Resurrection
            I believe in a God of new life and new life means the old life must die or fall away in order for the new life to manifest. Resurrection is required for the ushering in of the KoG, because the old ways cannot remain and still expect to have a new way. God cannot usher in the KoG if violence is still present in this world. Violence must fall away. Since I believe that all things are made by God then I believe that everything has a redemptive quality to it even when I cannot see it. Therefore, I believe even violence has some redemptive quality to it. The resurrection proclaims that everything will pass away and the power of God will resurrect it (not revive or resuscitate) to a new way. When Jesus was resurrected his form was both recognizable and also different; likewise the resurrection of all things will mean they will be recognizable but also different.
            It is evident to me that humanity will be resurrected with the entire creation and be remade. Again, I do not know what this will look like but I do believe we will be recognizable and different. I am not interested in what resurrection of humanity will look like, such as will we have physical bodies or not. I am interested in the process of resurrection. What are the ways that lead to resurrection? What are the ways in which I can help others? What are the ways that lead to a dying of self and a shedding of the old so that the new self can be resurrected? These questions drive me to move on toward perfection because I cannot resurrect anything or anyone, I can only be a willing servant of God.
3) Eternal Life
            If death is the end of life and there is no eternal life then I have come to improperly understand to God in the Scriptures and the God revealed by the Spirit of Christ. If death is the final destination then death has the final say and ultimate power, even power over God. Through the witness of Scripture and Christ, I understand God to be one that continually is making life. Even when everything looks dire and death looks as though it has the final say, God finds a way to make life. I do not dwell on eternal life very much in my life just like I do not dwell on the source of my next breath or the power of my next heartbeat; I trust that those will happen. And only when my breath has ceased and my heart has stopped will I know in full the beauty of eternal life for society and myself.