Ordination Questions

What are the marks of the Christian life?
It is unclear to me what exactly this question is asking.  On a broad level the marks of the Christian life are first rooted in faith in God as fully disclosed in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ as witnessed in the Scriptures and confirmed by the Holy Spirit.  These are what I would call the ‘essentials’ to the Christian life.  Once the individual has moved to this level of faith then there are fruits which mature out of that life.  The individual begins to embody the greatest commandment of loving God and neighbor.  The individual begins to seek after that which is required by God as made known through the prophet Micah – do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with God.  The fruits of justice, kindness and humility are nourished and fed by the Grace of God, which is why it remains of the upmost importance Christians structure our lives around disciplines such as fasting, Scripture reading, Holy Communion, repentance, baptism, acts of justice and mercy, prayer and worship.  These disciplines allow the Christian to stay in touch with the Spirit and Will of God.  It is these disciplines, requirements of God and this Faith that sets the Christian apart from the non-Christian, or “marks the Christian”.