"Ya but"

"I am wondering if one of the reasons the Church is in decline in the traditional sense is that churches are very attractive to the "ya but" people of the world.

When an idea is pitched in the church, from my experience, we are really good at quickly going through all the reasons how or why that idea will not work:
"It will cost too much."
"It will anger people."
"It will be too polarizing."
"It is not thought out."
"It is too unclear."

I want to stand with other Christians in the community and the world to create an alternate culture in which the "Ya buts" of the world are not the dominate voice or culture.  I want to create and help foster a community culture of "Yes, and..."

"Yes, and..." culture creates an environment in which collaboration is fostered.  "Yes, and..." culture encourages people to share ideas without fear of being beat up for not having the idea totally set.  "Yes, and..." culture creates an environment that ideas quickly gain support.

I fear that the Church is dominated by "Yes but" which results in a dying culture and no one wants to join a dying culture.