Worship: Less Six Flags, More Skiing

It is interesting to me that when I hear someone is going skiing, I get excited and wonder when I will go skiing myself.  However, when people share with me when they go to Six Flags (or Disney Land/World) I almost pity the poor soul.  The thing of it though is that Six Flags and skiing have a lot in common.

  1. There is a lot of standing in lines in order to have short periods of excitement.
  2. Each are expensive.
  3. Food on the mountain and in Six Flags is unhealthy and kinda bad.
  4. Rules inform the culture of the whole experience 
  5. There are whimsical maps to direct the visitor
There are many other similarities, but that is not the point of this post.  The point of this post is there are major differences in Six Flags and skiing that make me desire skiing and generally avoid Six Flags.  The thing is, I see many of the Christian worship services I have attended seem to function more like Six Flags and less like skiing.  

I wish to participate in worship that is less like Six Flags and more like skiing.

  1. While monetarily expensive, there is little more demanded of the Six Flag guest.  Skiing demands the guest not only pay money, but come prepared with equipment.  What would worship look like if there was a greater demand on people other than just "showing up?"
  2. There is little empowering at Six Flags.  There are maps that people can follow to learn the lay of the park, but there are no classes to better oneself and you are left to overcoming your fears on your own.  However, in skiing there are ski lessons to help overcome your fears.  There are different "levels" of skiing runs that connect to the skill of the skier.  There are different types of lifts and even different types of equipment that connect to your skill level.  What would worship look like if there were different levels of "depth" participation?  
  3. Each ride in Six Flags only has one "track" you can go on.  There is no flexibility in choosing if the roller coaster will go left or right.  The track is already put down.  Ski slopes have runs that are set, but within that run there are a number of routes one can take.  What would worship look like with greater personal flexibility and choice that 'fit' within the overall "run" of worship?
The metaphor is not perfect, and any metaphor taken to the limit breaks down, but, I wonder what worship looks like if it were less like Six Flags and more like skiing?