GOOD - Why we cannot walk straight

I ran across this little animation on GOOD. While this is a bit of a 'silly' mystery of the human brain, I think it is something for which one could easily use as an illustration as to our spiritual sides as well.

A Mystery: Why Can't We Walk Straight? from NPR on Vimeo.

Christians hold the community of God (not the Bible) as our frame of reference. We worship a living God not a book. It is not a coincidence that in his inaugural sermon, Jesus declared he came to give sight to the blind and release the captives. For the Christian, it is Jesus who sets us free to see so that we might walk straight.

We are not perfect and we still walk off the straight path. It seems to happen when we are looking at Jesus and nothing else. Just as we need a reference point to walk straight, we also need to look at the path and the context around us to not step on anyone else as we walk.

I share this with you and ask, what is your reference point that keeps you walking straight?