Are you a TED talk person???

I was at the Fort Worth Museume of Science and History recently with my wife and son.  While walking though one of the rooms where there are these very cool light drawing pads (I hope these are a precursor to the light saber), there is a four page print out of an article entitled "Are you a TED talk person?"

I always wondered as soon as I watched my first TED talk, "If the Church is supposed to be a culture making entity, then why can the Church not host or 'be' like TED?"

What if the Church gathered together occasionally and invited people in the congregation to give their own 18 minute talk?  Heck there are even "The TED 10 Commandments"!

People pack into TED, people talk about the ideas of TED, TED is open, TED is counter cultural, TED is not afraid of new and and what is being "called" out.  It seems to me the the vacuum for culture making the Church created when we began to focus on ourselves has been filled by a number of other culture creators.

Maybe the Church cannot reclaim that culture making position on a large scale ever again (maybe it should not have been that powerful to begin with?), but local individual churches can create culture in the communities in which they are embedded.

What culture do you see being made in your local church?