I grew up in a cul-da-sac in Keller Texas.  It was great.

My friends and I could play street hockey without fear of cars driving through the game.

We had parties for the neighborhood and had tables of food right in the middle of the cul-da-sac.

We could have tons of basketball games at a full court with fathers and sons.

I learned to back up a vehicle in the broad space of the cul-da-sac without fear of hitting another vehicle.

Cul-da-sacs are amazing.

Sort of.

You can have an amazing lemonade stand, but there are only 3 people who are going to drive by it.

When you enter a cul-da-sac the only place you can go is home.

Cul-da-sacs can only sustain themselves for a short period of time before you have to leave it in order to go to the store.

Cul-da-sacs are "finished" in that what is built is all that there will ever be.  

Cul-da-sacs are insular and not open to new creations.

Is your life a cul-da-sac?  Is your job a cul-da-sac?  Is your church a cul-da-sac?

I am concerned that the UMC is fantastic at building cul-da-sacs and not avenues.  I find we in the church love to build cul-da-sacs because of the safety and security they provide.  But cul-da-sacs never go anywhere.

Cul-da-sac is really just a fancy name for a dead end.