When it is time to leave...

Recently I came across this bit from William Ritter while researching different relationship counseling tools.  This bit may be helpful for all sorts of relationships.  I share this for consideration if there is a relationship in your life (work, marriage, friend, etc.).  I am not advocating one way or the other, just wanted to share this mostly so that I have it in my files.
It may (just may) be time to think about leaving…

When your are no longer doing yourself any good. When you are experiencing no good… feeling no good… and being led to believe that, at the deepest level of your being, you probably are no good.

When you are no longer doing anybody else any good. When there is little evidence that anybody is better off as a result of your persevering in marriage, job or whatever. When no one who is counting on your “hanging in there” will be appreciably harmed if you don’t.

When all that seems to be resulting from your efforts is more harm than good, when you find yourself speaking and acting in ways that are more indicative of your worst self than your best self. And when, in the act of preserving, you find yourself becoming more and more perverse.

When you are hurting the body… by being tense all the time… sick much o the time… abused some of the time… and self-destructive in the darkest times.

When you are killing the soul, by the fact that more is consistently going out from you than is coming back to you. When you are underfed… undernourished… and withering (as they say) on the vine.

When you are the only one who seems to care, to the point of discovering that without a mutuality of effort, it is hard to accomplish anything alone.

When, having prayed to God, it seems that God is no longer giving you the strength to stand. As to when that point is, I don’t really know. But I suppose it is the point when you find that you are no longer standing.