My contribution to Movember

In case you are not aware, there is a movement each November in which men across the nation join together to bring back the mustache for at least one month.  It is called "Movember".  While women may work for a "3-day" walk or a "5k run", men are lazier/smarter and raise money in a much different way - we grow facial hair.

So I grew a 'Mo this year which is longer than my first 'Mo last year (I did not trim it at all this year).

There is an old saying of Buddha which goes something similar to "my teachings are a finger pointing to the moon."  It is important to remember to not get hung up on the finger but focus on the moon.  And so while you do not care about my lame accomplishment, as you shouldn't, think of this really weak 'Mo as a finger pointing to the moon of men's health.

If you think this 'Mo is weak and kinda creepy, check out Explosion 5000's pics from last Movember.