How we can help people learn to fish even if we cannot

You know the conventional wisdom that says, "give a fish and you feed someone for a day, but teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime." The problem that I come across is that I am not much of a fisherman myself and I know little about how to teach people something they can take into the world and use to gain a living wage. 

I am not an economist and I do not understand the complex nature of macro/microeconomics. It seems rather difficult to teach people to fish, not because it is time consuming, but it is that I do not know how to fish myself; so to speak. I am totally dependent upon others for my livelihood and the generosity of the saints for my income and God for the vision of purpose. While I like to think that I am one who knows how to fish for my well being (that is to say I have a skill set that can be used in order to gain an income to purchase food), I am very much totally dependent upon others.  

I want to be able to teach people to fish, per say, but there are so many different callings in life for a vocation that it is very difficult to teach people a skill set that they do not have a passion for. It is apparent to me that everyone has some sort of internal entrepreneurial. Some drives are stronger than others, but all have this drive to do something, to create something, to be someone (so to speak).

While we all have this internal drive, it is apparent to me that not all people have the means to live into this drive; be it finances, life circumstances, education or something else, many people (like myself) are dependent upon others in order to live out our internal drives. Which is why I love KIVA.

Micro-finance has been around for a number of years and it is moving into the mainstream as it is beginning to see some success in the United States.  In case you are not aware of micro-finance and the work of KIVA, here is a simple diagram that explains the process of how you can help people live out their internal drives by overcoming the many of the obstacles in their life.

I want to invite you to join myself and others around the globe to help others by empowering them to live into their internal drives to create in the world. Become a micro-finance lender and observe the change you can help create. Watch how many people you can help learn to fish.