Implicit Association Tests

A couple years ago I posted the link to the Harvard Study which is attempting to help us understand human beings natural biases.  For instance do you have a natural bias against people of color or of another religion?  Do you have implicit associations with the roles of males and females?  Do you think you are neutral in the way you view people and situations?  Perhaps you are or perhaps, in the words of an Avenue Q song, everyone is a little bit racist.

Here is the link again, they have a few more tests since 2008 such as the presidents and weapons.

Take a couple of minutes and if you would like to share any bias you might have in the comments sections feel free.

These are not to stereotype people but to help each of us better understand ourselves so that we might be able to become aware of our biases and work on them.

I took a couple and I have a slight preference to light skin tones, slight association with males and science, and "neutral" on homosexuality/straight.