Decisions without evidence

A comment some time ago stated the following in response to a question I asked about what we put trust in:

"Would you trust a friend with your secrets who you don't have evidence to believe they are trustworthy?

Would you trust a surgeon to operate on you who has a history of accidents and mistakes, or do you want the surgeon whose track record is clean? You are still required to trust in the surgeon, but you only do so with evidence that it would not be dangerous to do so.

Would you put your child in the hands of the Catholic Church when they have been proven to have a history of child abuse? 

You judge based on evidence every day. It's one of the most basic functions of the human mind, and we do it almost constantly."

I agree.  

But the fact of the matter to is that you and I, everyday, make decisions and put our faith in many things for which we do not have any evidence.  

When you drive down a street you have faith/trust the people in the other lane to not drive into your lane.

When we have work done on our cars, we trust people do not do harm to our car in hopes that we would return when the "fluid ran out".

When we park our cars in garages over long periods or when we board a plane, there is trust all around us.  Most of which there is no evidence for.  

And this is why, according to my theology, I do not understand why Christians are afraid of atheists.  We all trust.  We all have faith.  Atheists have faith.  

Attention my fellow Christians: There is no need to fear the Atheists.  
Attention self describing Atheists: There is no need to fear the Christian.  

Unless you put your faith in fear...