We interpret evidence differently

Just want to address the anonymous atheists/agnostics who take time to read this stuff that I post.

When I wake up in the morning and take in a breath.  When my feet touch the ground and I am able to walk.  When I taste the sweetness of orange juice at breakfast.  When I see the sun rise in my rear view mirror as I drive to work I see a great amount of evidence for the existence for something greater than myself.  I interpret all of these little moments through the lens and an understanding that there is a consciousness that is bigger than myself - and perhaps even that there is consciousness located outside the individual human being.  I see the world work in a beautiful balance and harmony and a movement toward harmony and unity.  This movement may not be evident at all times and there are definite times in which the world is taking steps backwards.  However, I see evidence that the world, overall, is moving toward more unity and interdependence and harmony and respect and justice and love.

Others see these same things and do not interpret this as evidence for anything at all or for something else.  Perhaps some see the sun rise as evidence for gravity and that is all.  Perhaps some do not see an overall movement toward unity and only see evidence for isolation and destruction.  Perhaps the beautiful balance I interpret from nature is evidence for another as the beauty of the evolutionary process only.

We all see evidence.  We all use it as one comment stated the other day.  I know this.  However, I hope you know that Christians are not anti-evidence.  Rather, we interpret the world differently.

You may call it naive or ignorant and we may call you blind.  But we are both seeing much of the same things and we just understand them differently.  I respect your interpretation and I am sure you respect mine.

So the next time I make a claim without sufficient evidence, I would argue that I am providing plenty of evidence - it is just how we interpret it.