Little help...

I am one who needs to have conversation with people in regards to Scripture almost everyday.  This is especially true for the times in which I am preaching.  The conversations help me understand where people are and gives me some place to begin working so that I am somewhat close to where people are with the text.  It is my way of being incarnational with preaching preparation.

The past several weeks conversations with people have been fruitful and ones for which I greatly appreciate and hope they have augmented the messages.  However, this week as been busier than normal as we are a minister down and school has begun meaning the church is moving into full swing with it's ministries.

So by way of seeking conversation consider this an invitation not unlike ones from the past.

Here is the Scripture (Luke 14: 25-33).

What do you get from this?
What is God saying to you through this?
What shimmers at you in this text?
Where do you agree/disagree?

A little help would be much appreciated.