Quotes from two meetings

I had the wonderful opportunity to be in two meetings with two amazing people; Rev. Eric McKinney on Wednesday and Rev. Mike McKee on Thursday.  They each had wonderful things to say in these respective meetings, but here is one line from each of them for you to ponder...

McKinney speaking about the clergy and leadership in the Central Texas Conference of the UMC:
"The Church is more open to change than we have the courage to lead."
I am beginning to truly believe this is the case.  More and more people in the church are open to change and the "New things of God" more than we, the clergy, are willing to allow.  Perhaps the greatest obstacle for the UMC clergy to help lead the UMC is the clergy of the UMC?

McKee speaking about what Christianity measures:
"We measure throughputs instead of measuring outcomes."
I believe his point is that the UMC spends a lot of time measuring throughputs - the amount of people that come though for worship, the amount of money that comes through the church office, etc.  However important these throughputs are, outcomes are even more important.  Outcomes being transformed lives.  We need to place greater emphasis on outcomes and remove the "importance" of throughputs.

If either of these ministers read this post then I would be honored in you clarified these comments if I have misunderstood them, but know, nonetheless, these were some of the powerful statements you made the other day that I connected with.