Efficient Christians

When you drive down I-35 toward San Antonio, you will see on the east side of the highway a church that advertises "30 minute worships".

There are drive-in worships.

There is drive-thru prayer.

There are "proofs" that God exists.  (check the bottom of this post)

There are 5 practices of fruitful living.

All of these things seem to me to boil Christianity down to this:
1) Christianity is easy
2) Christianity is convenient

As such we have people who demand the church to conform to fit their lives rather than the church demanding transformation of people and society.  We seem to view Christianity as a social club which can be boiled down to a couple of "proofs" a few practices and even convenient enough that you do not even have to get out of your car and see anyone.

I think we are in trouble when the church is as easy and convenient as a McDonald's.  It may be easy and convenient but it really does a number on our heart.