Trying this out

I know that there is not a huge following on this blog (about 30 hits a day), so I am not sure how well this little experiment will work out.  Here it is:

The poll results below are "live" and so as soon as you submit your response, it will appear.  Additionally, this poll is anonymous - there is no way that I can even see who says what - you do not even have to sign in for anything.  All you have to to is either text  16117 and your message to the number 22333 or you can click here and fill out a box online.  I am seeking honest thoughts on your overall thoughts on this blog.  You have 25 words to express yourself.

If this seems like a fun way to engage people, I may create more live polls in the future, but I just wanted to check out this technology first hand.

Create your own sms poll at Poll Everywhere